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Dogs are Mobilizing to Save Da Hoomans

“A patient asked me if I read this book that says doctors lie…how do I respond to something like that?” – Real question from a real participant in our science communication training for University of Chicago residents and fellows on addressing misinformation.

Come behind the scenes, enjoy some excerpts, and hear from folks who did it!

The attendees were ravenous for more information and resources for this kind of training. Many physicians want to write op-eds, give great talks, obviously connect with their patients, and make an impact beyond the walls of a clinic.

It was an honor to give them a dose of those skills through this training, and I’m grateful to be building a world with other passionate educators where more trainees like these will get this kind of programming they need.

Huge thanks to the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for the grant support that made this possible. And *high-fives* to amazing teammates who build this together, like Dean for Medical Education Vineet Arora MD MAPP and The University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine Graduate Medical Education (GME), Urban Health Initiative, and Community Champions Program.