My new goal: See the world through the eyes of my rescue dog, Stella.

We adopted Stella a few months ago. She had lived on the street a stray, skin and bones, and totally unfamiliar with the wonders of indoor life and human affection. When we brought her home, she literally spent five hours snoot-diving into our laps, rolling over for belly rubs, then prancing to the next person for more love.

Day one: She froze by an air vent. Sniffing. Tail wagging. Eyes following where the stream of air conditioning would be traveling if it were colored. She felt it and was amazed.

I’ve walked by that air vent a million times and never paused. It’s an air vent. I have a long to-do list like everyone else, and I’d just run through my days.

But when you stop to think of it, that air vent and central air in general is really darn cool.

At the turn of the 20th century a 25-year-old experimental engineer created the first version of an air conditioner to cool a printing press, according to the Smithsonian. Humidity was the nemesis.

A dilemma emerged in society – was it immoral to try to control nature and cool temperatures?

People grappled with the concept, and now nearly 75 percent of U.S. households have air conditioning.

The fact that Stella found awe in that everyday moment was eye-opening. Streams of cold air shooting up from the floor on a hot summer’s day is pretty cool.

Where can you find something remarkable in your daily routine today? Have fun with it! Post to social and tag me 😉